Swaminarayan | Life and Teachings

Philosophy: Bhagwan Swaminarayan's philosophy, known as Navya Viśiṣṭādvaita (Neo-qualified non-dualism), upholds the existence of the 5 eternal realities, namely: Jīva , Īśvara , M āy ā , Brahman and Parabrahman . Jīva (Soul) is sentient (chaitanya), subtle and is the knower (jñatva) and enjoyer (Bhoktā) of things. He is immutable, unpierceable, indivisible and eternal. Jīvas are infinite in number and

Teachings: The teachings of Lord Swaminarayan draw authority from the sacred Vedic scriptures by Vedavyāsa. Note: References in brackets are from the Vāchanamritam. 1. Universal suffering 'Greed for wealth and other things, the desire to remain in the company of women, great weakness for tasty foods, ego, a liking for evil company, attachment for relatives; a person who possesses these